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5 Reasons To Develop A Commercial Roof Maintenance Plan

There is no commercial roof so strong, or so well done, that it is immune to the need for regular maintenance. A strong roof is an excellent investment for any business, but protecting that investment requires dutiful upkeep. It can be a hassle, but it is 100% necessary. Today we’ll walk through 5 major benefits of investing in a commercial roof maintenance plan.

1. Safeguard Your Company’s Roof Against Expensive Repairs

Let’s start with the basics: roof repairs are expensive but completely avoidable. Of course, maintenance comes with its own set of costs, but they pale in comparison to the cost of a major, unanticipated roof repair. These kinds of repairs can break the bank, but the risk can be minimized, if not eliminated completely, by performing diligent upkeep right now.

2. Reduce the Risks of Emergency Commercial Roof Repairs

The only thing worse than a major repair is an emergency repair.

Why? Because emergency commercial roof repairs often send the already staggering cost of major repairs through the roof (no pun intended).

What would an emergency repair situation look like? Imagine your roof giving way beneath the weight of water or snow that had accumulated on it. This is not only extremely dangerous, both for your staff and for your inventory, but will require immediate action on your part to prevent any further damage. You may be faced, not only with fixing your roof, but also repairing damage to the interior of your facility, replacing inventory, and potentially dealing with lawsuits if anybody is injured, which leads us to our next point…

3. Protect Your Employees

If your roof is compromised, this can sometimes put all those who are standing underneath it in harm’s way. It’s an extreme scenario that your business’s roof might give way, but not an implausible one. It’s happened. Letting your roof fall into a level of disrepair wherein this is a legitimate risk is a problem for 2 reasons:

  1. You should at all times be acting in the interest of your staff’s safety. If your procrastination in maintaining your roof has reached the point where it is endangering your employees, it has officially become a major ethical problem. But if that’s not enough motivation, let’s move on to our second point.
  2. If anything were to happen to one of your employees because of your negligence, you would likely be taken to court, where you would almost definitely lose the case. If you were found guilty in a lawsuit of this nature, having to pay hefty damages to the plaintiff would be your best-case scenario.
  3. Protect Your Property Value  

It’s relatively unlikely that your employees would suffer harm because of a poorly maintained roof, but your property value is another story. Just because your roof hasn’t collapsed doesn’t mean your property value hasn’t either. Property value is contingent on how well you maintain the property while you own it. If you let roof repairs fall by the wayside, it’s unlikely that your property will command the same resale price that it might have otherwise.

4. Have Peace Of Mind

We’d understand if the aforementioned dangers of inadequate roof maintenance were to cause business owners some anxiety. These are real concerns! And running a business is already stressful by nature. Few business owners have time to deal with issues such as these, but it is a bridge that every bricks-and-mortar business must cross.

5. Diligent Maintenance

Diligent maintenance of your facilities can do a lot to help you sleep easy at night. If you are concerned about protecting the roof above your head, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to find out what we can do to help you with your roof maintenance!