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5 Risks of Putting Off Commercial Flat Roofing Repairs


Commercial flat roofing issues can quickly become a major problem. The best way to avoid major unforeseen repairs or replacements is to stay on top of these issues. But what are the risks you run by allowing these issues to grow? And what can be done to avoid these issues? Here are the top five hazards that can result from a faulty roof, and the best way to make sure you don’t have major hazards in your building.

1. Increasing Damage

Leaks grow. What starts out as a small drip will only lead to compounding problems. You should have your roof inspected to verify everything is holding up to keep the water out. Small leaks might go unnoticed without these inspections. Roofs with multiple layers have a lot of spaces for a leak to hide. And once water starts coming in, it isn’t going to stop. The material around the leak will become compromised. This reduces the integrity of the material and makes it more susceptible to erosion. These leaks will continue until the cause is addressed. Leaks are often the very first sign that your roof is in need of repair, and fixing these leaks before they lead to other problems is crucial.

2. Electrical Danger

Water leaks can cause a number of issues, but electrical issues are the most dangerous. There are a lot of wires and cables flowing through our walls and ceilings. Even insulated wires can become a hazard when they are wet. Mildew and corrosion can result from exposure to moisture. This can lead to breakers being tripped, causing a power outage. It can also lead to fire hazards and electrical shocks. Damaged wires can supercharge our appliances and use our fingers to complete the circuit. This is potentially very harmful. Maintaining a fully functional roof will keep moisture from coming in contact with wires and cables.

3. Wildlife Entrance

Holes in your roof can be exploited. Rodents, birds, and bugs find holes in roofs quite easily. There generally isn’t much time between the critters finding an entrance to your building and moving in. Wildlife in the walls can lead to a number of issues. Sanitary concerns are at the top of the list, but they don’t stop there. Larger animals like raccoons or even possums can pose a threat to the physical safety of the workers and guests inside your building. Insects can move into your walls and propagate, making it extremely difficult to get rid of them. Sealing these holes before they become open windows for animals and insects saves the effort of removing them or dealing with their presence.

4. Mold

Water leaks often lead to mold growth. Mold is a main concern when it comes to regulating the environment inside your building. This growth can negatively affect the building materials, but it can also be harmful to the workers and visitors within your building.

5. Lower Property Value

Leaks are trouble for building owners looking to sell their property. Water spots on the ceiling and on the walls will be immediately noticed by a potential buyer. They know these repairs are going to need to be addressed and will use that in the price negotiations if they decide to buy at all. The buyer is going to realize all of the unseen possibilities of damage that we’ve discussed above. Maintaining proper care of your roof will save the giant headache of trying to explain away the resulting issues.

To Repair or Replace?

It is important to maintain the proper conditions of your commercial flat roofing system. Small problems lead to big problems, and it’s much easier to fix small problems. Routine inspections and maintenance will help you stay on top of any issues before they get out of hand. Depending on the size of the issue, you may need to repair or replace your roof. Luckily, full replacements are not always necessary. Calling a professional roofing company like JBK Roofing gives you the best chance at maintaining your current commercial flat roofing system for a long time.

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