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Can Your Roof Weather The Storm?

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Are you concerned about how your business’s roofing is faring during intense storms? These are highly legitimate worries! Even moderate leakage has the potential to ruin equipment, inventory, or office space. The costs are going to add up quickly! Today, we’re going to talk about roofing that can withstand heavy storms.


When it comes to steep slope roofing, some people prefer the folksy aesthetics of shingle roofing, tile roofing, and roofs that have overhanging gables. It’s definitely true that these styles of roofing carry with them an innate set of charms, but when the storm clouds start gathering, they will often let you down.

If you are serious about storm protection, the best type of roofing you can install is, hands down, metal roofing. Where other types of roofing are vulnerable, metal roofing has the capacity to hold fast. Vertical seam metal roofing in many instances, can be installed with a single sheet of metal that extends continuously from the lowest points of a roof to the highest points. This leaves absolutely no room for the elements to damage or otherwise penetrate your roof. Metal roofing is almost 100% wind resistant, even in hurricanes, and furthermore has an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio, which is extremely comforting during the winter months when snow begins to pile up.

For all these reasons, metal is a preferred type of roofing for steep slope roofs that we would recommend for businesses. But, of course, even metal roofing has its limits. Over time, metal roofing will require some help to maintain its durability. Here are a few tips on how to keep your metal roofing strong…

How To Give A Metal Roof Additional Storm Resistance:

  1. Be Diligent About Maintenance

The biggest thing that you can do to ensure that your roof is storm-ready to be diligent in your routine maintenance. “Routine maintenance” encompasses everything from keeping your roof clear of debris to regular inspections for developing vulnerabilities. If you spot and fix an issue with your roof today, it will save you a lot of trouble tomorrow. Is it a hassle? Yes. But is it more of a hassle than having something go wrong with your roof? Absolutely not! Your roof is a financial investment, and you need to treat it as such.

  1. Replace Loose Fasteners

You may notice that some of the fasteners on your roof are in distress. You would notice signs of movements, and they would feel loose to the touch. If this is the case, you would do well to replace such fasteners. Remember that metal roofing is typically done with one continuous sheet of metal. Every fastener counts! You can’t afford to concede to the wind and rain in any way, no matter how small. This is an important item under the umbrella of routine maintenance.

  1. Add Reinforcements

In addition to replacing loose fasteners, you might also consider adding new fasteners entirely! This should only be done in extreme circumstances and isn’t exactly a D.I.Y. operation, but it’s good to keep in mind. In your routine maintenance, you may also notice that there are areas where your surface sealant is failing. This is another area that may require some reinforcements.

  1. Call Us At JBK Roofing!

If you’re worried about the safety of your roof and you’d like to consult industry experts, you’re in luck! We happen to be experts in the roofing industry, and we would be happy to talk to you about your roof maintenance needs. All you have to do is get in touch!