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Commercial Roofing Options

Facilities management is tough. Great managers know that running a successful business operation is as much about prevention and as it is about maintenance. Typically, the list of critical maintenance issues is long and rarely do the items on that list fall into the “quick fix” category. Fire codes have to be met, HVAC systems need constant care and feeding, RFPs need to be sent and operational costs need to be carefully monitored. The most efficient business owners and facilities managers have an intuitive understanding of the buildings under their watch and know what needs to be done before an issue rises to the crisis column.

Keeping a close eye on your operational costs is key, and energy costs can be huge. In these days of Energy Star ratings and LEED certification, taking the time to evaluate your facility’s roof is a wise move that will help keep your costs and maintenance time to a minimum.

Selecting the right industrial roofing company and the right commercial roofing product can save your business big bucks and can save facilities managers years of maintenance worries. Contractors who specialize in commercial roofing should be able to provide your business with a variety of options.

Prefabricated, Single-Ply Roofing

If energy efficiency and durability are your primary concern for your flat roof, a Duro-Last prefabricated single-ply system is the way to go. Single-ply prefabricated roofing are:

  • Modern, highly-reflective and energy efficient
  • Durable, easy to install, leak-proof, weather-resistant and fire, chemical and grease resistant
  • Easy to maintain  
  • Built to your building’s specifications, prefabricated roofing keeps seaming to a minimum, greatly reducing the likelihood of future leaks or failures
  • Year-round installation through damp, heat or cold
  • Waste is minimized, both during manufacture and installation, ensuring your roof is on your building, and not in the landfill
  • Metal accessories ranging from edging details, drainage systems, scuppers add character and functionality to your new roof
  • Backed by an industry-leading warranty 

Steep Slope Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofers will analyze your building and its environment and will provide an overview of options and technologies addressing any questions about roofing materials, costs, installation techniques, longevity, warranties, maintenance, energy efficiency and environmental impact that you may have.

Commercial steep slope roofs are striking and require careful attention and quality craftsmanship. For over 100 years, CertainTeed has developed top quality building materials. ShingleMaster shingles are durable, efficient and guaranteed. When you’re in the market for commercial roofing contractors, look for certified ShingleMaster installers. The rigorous credentialing course ensures that your roof will be installed beautifully and professionally.

When it comes to your roofing decision, JBK Roofing has the experience to help, feel free to contact us today.