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How Duro-Last Changed the Way We Think About Roofing

Commercial roofing is a competitive business. There are a variety of services and products that can be used to protect a low-sloped or flat roof. These systems need to be reliable because of the possible negative consequences that can come as a result of standing water or other potentially harmful scenarios.

One option to address these concerns is what’s known as the Duro-Last roofing system. They have been perfecting their craft since they installed their first roof back in 1978. This has given them over 40 years of experience. Duro-Last has continued to grow their business as they have changed the way we think about what a flat or low-sloped roofing system is, and should be.

Here is what Duro-Last has contributed to the roofing industry since its inception so many years ago.

Duro-Last's Long History

As we said above, the first Duro-Last roof was installed in 1978. This is remarkable not only because it’s so long ago, but also because this occurred before Duro-Last was even incorporated as a company. Duro-Last Inc. would be incorporated three years later. They only had a mere seven employees at the time, but the expansion would come soon.

Another seven years later would see the company grow to 175 employees and expansion into Oregon. The company continued to grow and eventually owner John Burt was awarded the Michigan Entrepreneur Award along with the Inventor/Entrepreneur Award.

Expansion continued and soon Duro-Last roofing systems were widely-known for their quality and reliability.

Focus on Quality

This quality and reliability were the results of years of strict attention and an insistence on quality materials. Drainage is an important consideration for flat and low-sloped roofs. The damage that can be caused by a leaky roof can be extensive, expensive, and even dangerous for those inside the building.

Duro-Last takes this responsibility seriously. They know that their product is more than a cosmetic addition to the building. It’s a safeguard that acts as the first line of defense against inclement weather, animal intruders, and anything else that threatens the top of your building. Their longevity in the industry is a result of this focus on quality and it has become a standard for other companies to strive toward.

Creative Installation Tactics

The process of installing a roofing system can dictate the ultimate effectiveness of the system. From a customer’s point of view, the installation is a laborious process that can be quite costly. However, Duro-Last has taken an inventive path to reduce the length of installation time as well as increasing the durability and effectiveness of the product.

They are able to achieve this by manufacturing the majority of the system in a controlled environment. Exact specifications for your particular building will be taken back to the factory so they can fabricate the materials there instead of doing it as they install the roofing system.

Continued Innovation

Duro-Last roofing systems are made up of various parts that have come about through the inventiveness of the company. Items like the Roof-Trak, EXCEPTIONAL Metals, Duro-Fleece, and more help the company to stay in front of the competition while providing its customers with superior products.

This insistence on furthering the technology and materials used has reverberated throughout the industry. Duro-Last has been offering top-quality products for decades and has changed the way people think about their flat or low-sloped roofing systems. Their expectations have grown and Duro-Last is there to address all of these needs.

Constant Growth

It can be tempting for a company to make a place for themselves in a local market and stick to it. And there’s nothing wrong with this. However, Duro-Last had their sights set a little higher. They have continued to grow over the years.

Duro-Last has opened facilities in Michigan, Oregon, Iowa, Massachusetts, and more. Not only does the company aim to provide good jobs to a large number of people, but they also want to provide quality roofs to the businesses that can use them most. The Duro-Last focus on quality has become an asset to businesses all over the country.


The main aspect of Duro-Last roofs that customers enjoy is the reliability of the roofing system. This has changed the expectations people have from their flat or low-sloped roof. Duro-Last offers a standard 15 year warranty at no extra charge. Various other warranty options are available because Duro-Last stands behind their work.

And the ability to find a local installer of these roofing systems can be a great benefit to you and your business. JBK Roofing services Kentucky and Tennessee and has been recognized by Duro-Last for our exceptional services. We received both the Platinum Contractor Award as well as the A+ Service Award in recognition of quality work.