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How Duro-Last Roofing Can Help Your Flat or Low-Sloped Roof

Many commercial buildings have a roof with either no slope or a very small slope. This affords many advantages, but it also poses risks. The biggest issue facing flat roofs is that of drainage. Rain is going to fall. And once it does, where does it go? Rain won’t run off the side of a flat roof the same as it does on a steeply-graded roof. This presents many possible issues.

Water tends to pool when it doesn’t have a direct place to go. These puddles of water can erode the materials of a flat roof over time, especially around seams. This can lead to leaks, and any water that makes its way into your building is going to lead to problems.

So how do you avoid these drainage issues for a flat roof? The best roof system properly installed not only protects against leaks, it offers a host of other benefits to your flat or low-sloped roof.

And there’s no better system than a Duro-Last roofing system. Here’s what you stand to gain from it.

Easy Installation

Your first encounter with the Duro-Last roofing system will be the installation. The experts at JBK Roofing perform every roof installation with care and professionalism, but a Duro-Last installation is streamlined right from the start. This is because every Duro-Last roof system is manufactured to the exact specifications of each individual building in a controlled factory environment.

This translates to less time spent on the roof by the workers, and a faster installation. Your business won’t miss a minute of operation. In fact, this prefabrication eliminates up to 85% of the seaming work performed on top of your building. Not only does it make the installation more streamlined, it also ensures an excellent fit.

Water Protection

Another benefit of performing the majority of seam fabrication in the factory is a drastic reduction in the potential for leaks. The seams on a flat roof are usually the weak point of the system, so having them seamed in a controlled environment increases their reliability for years.

This reliability is not only due to enhanced installation techniques. The Duro-Last roof PVC membrane is made of a thermoplastic formulation and a weaved anti-wicking fabric. This means the outer layer of the membrane is highly resistant to the elements and the inner layer is resistant to liquids.

This adds up to a roofing system that protects your building with seams that won’t leak, a material that water won’t penetrate, and a safeguarded layer that protects even further against water absorption.


Duro-Last has been taking their impact on the world around them into account for over 20 years. In fact, they make an effort to focus on recycling throughout the product lifecycle. The manufacturing process allows excess material to be reused and recycled in future production. And the prefabrication system translates to less waste on the job site. Waiting until the contractor is on the roof to make adjustments to the material will always mean excess will be cut and discarded at the time of installation. Avoiding this practice means this waste is never created.

The roofing system itself allows for further impacts after it is installed. The white PVC membrane is highly reflective. This means the buildings on which it is installed will see a decrease in their utility bills since the warming effects of the sun are reduced. And a reduction in energy used is good for both the building’s owner and the environment.


Another benefit of the anti-wicking fabric is that the 18 by 14 threads per square inch afford the system strength and durability. Simply put, Duro-Last roofing systems protect your building for a long time.

The roofing membrane is more than just highly resistant to water. In fact, it can also protect your roof against much more dangerous elements. The flexible PVC membrane is resistant to fire, grease, and chemicals.

The Duro-Last roofing system also protects against natural elements. It can easily accommodate vast extremes in temperature, as well as high winds while remaining resistant to punctures.


Duro-Last stands by their product. And to show that, they offer a standard 15 year warranty on their roof systems at no extra charge. Optional warranty coverage terms greater than 15 years are available, as well as a list of other industry-leading warranty options to suit your particular needs.

The Duro-Last Roofing Difference

Duro-Last has been protecting roofs since 1978, and have installed over a billion square feet of Duro-Last Roofing membrane on a variety of roofs.

Are you ready to protect your flat or low-sloped commercial roof with Duro-Last Roofing? Visit JBK Roofing today.