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JBK Roofing Congratulates Duro-last For Platinum Sustainability Certification

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Duro-Last recently announced that the company had achieved the highest level of sustainability certification for single-ply roofing membranes from the NSF American National Standard for Sustainable Roofing Membranes.

JBK Roofing is proud to be a Duro-Last certified Elite Master Contractor. The Duro-Last single-ply roofing system has been third-party verified as sustainable, durable, and high-performing. The prestigious certification applies to 40, 50, and 60 mil white, tan, gray, and dark gray membranes and also includes the 50 mil terra cotta membrane.

Duro-Last is one of only two manufacturers to obtain platinum-level certification from the NS/ANSI. The company holds the honor of having the most sustainability certifications in the roofing industry. Their Duro-Tuff®, Duro-Fleece® and Duro-Last® EV membranes having gold certification for NSF/ANSI 347.

“Duro-Last was excited to have most of our membrane product lines certified by this third-party standard,” said Jason Tunney, Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Duro-Last. “But we wanted to take it to the next level and achieve the highest rating possible.”

As a proud Duro-Last-certified contractor, JBK Roofing looks forward to installing these environmentally-friendly roofing membranes on commercial buildings throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio.  This platinum certification will help Duro-Last and JBK Roofing meet the increasing demand for products that comply with green building standards like the Green Building Initiative’s Green Globes. To learn more about Duro-Last’s remarkable sustainability efforts, visit www.duro-last.com/sustainability.

“There’s a lot of talk in the roofing industry about being ‘green’ and sustainable,” said Katie Chapman, Duro-Last Corporate Sustainability Specialist. “At Duro-Last we want to help people make informed decisions when purchasing roofing products.”

For products that are third-party tested and certified in key areas including product design, product manufacturing, membrane durability, and innovation, look to Duro-Last. To install the best, greenest single-ply roofing membrane on your building or facility, contact JBK Roofing today.