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Leveraging Your Roof To Reduce Your Energy Bill

Depending on the structure, heating and cooling can account for upwards of 70% of the energy used by businesses. This is not only a huge financial burden, but far from eco-friendly. When it comes to inefficiencies in climate control, often times the roof is to blame. Today we’ll talk about a few ways that you can turn the tables, so that your roof actually saves you money, instead of wasting it.

Insulate Your Roof

Adding thorough insulation to your roof is a great way to maintain a high degree of homeostasis within your place of business. Used commonly in commercial roofing, polyiso is great for this. Polysio is a type of plastic known for its high performance in the realm of thermodynamics. It’s available as a foam, a liquid, or in the form of rigid boards. Using polyiso for your roofing, or a similar substance is a great way to ensure that you’re being economical with your climate control.

Be Strategic In Where You Place Your Insulation

The type and age of the building you do business out of will do a lot to determine what the best practices are for insulation. You should consult with a roofing expert to figure out where to focus your efforts in order to get the most bang for your buck.

Use Light Colors

This is an easy way to beat the heat of hot summers. Most roofs you see are colored black, but in this case, following the crowd may not be a good idea. In fact, lighter, cooler colors do more shield your business from outside temperature than darker colors do. This color scheme will reflect the heat of the sun back into the atmosphere, thereby relieving your air conditioning system of part of its burden, and reducing the money you spend on climate control.

Get A Living Roof

On a hot day, which do you think is cooler? An industrial roof, or a grassy field?

The answer is (of course) the grassy field. This might seem obvious, but it has yielded a creative solution to the issue of eco-friendly, cost-effective roofing. Some businesses are beginning to install grassy fields on their roofs to assist with climate control and to help the environment. These are referred to as “living roofs” or “green roofs.” Of course, these roofs come with built-in waterproofing and irrigation to keep your living roof alive and protect you from leaks.

Install Solar Panels

Solar panels, also known as photovoltaic panels (or PV panels for short) are a great way to save money on your energy bill and reduce your emissions in the process. Installing these panels might not be cheap, but you’ll save a fortune in the long run because you’ll be able to use the energy from the sunlight that had previously been heating up your business, not only for climate control but for the rest of your electrical needs as well.  

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