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"Out Of Sight Out Of Mind” Is Not Good Policy For Your Roof!

“Out of sight, out of mind”……”it gets better with age”…..

These clichés may be applicable for some of life’s circumstances, but NOT for your facility’s roof.

Since roofs are sometimes out of our visual line of sight…..”out of sight”, we can become accustomed to not paying attention to our roofs…….”out of mind”. We can take for granted that our building’s roof system is invincible because it has performed so well over many years…”it gets better with age”. Unfortunately, our best efforts fall short when it comes to regular roof maintenance.

A regular visual roof inspection, not less than every four months should be as important as regularly inspecting any other part of your facility. Some roofs may require a more frequent regular roof inspection.

For example, a roof can require inspections more often depending on the drainage system. Gutter roof drainage may overflow due to tree foliage or debris. In contrast, roof drainage via roof drains may clog causing extreme amounts of weight on the roof structure. Therefore a more frequent roof inspection schedule may be the best policy for roofs that drain via drains.

Special inspections should be prompted by severe weather events, service personnel accessing roof equipment, or any other event that directly impacts the roof. After every severe weather event, a special inspection should be performed. If service personnel visits the roof to work on roof top units, secure building signage, or for other necessary reasons; the service person should be observed while on the roof to prevent inadvertent roof damage. Water spots on ceiling tiles or running down walls should also trigger a special roof inspection.

A word about performing inspections…. if you are not familiar with roof systems or cannot safely access your roof……give JBK Roofing a call at (606) 523-9000. We will be glad to assist you with “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”!