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Protect Your Business With A Metal Retrofit Roofing System

Metal roofing systems provide commercial enterprises with superior protection against fire, energy efficiency and competitive installation costs. Unfortunately, though, time takes its toll: temperature extremes, rust, and corrosion can spell trouble for your business. If your industrial metal roof is more than few years old, it might be time for a roofing inspection. Let’s take a look at some of the most common problems identified by Duro-Last:

Loose Seams and Cracks

Think of your roof as your building’s skin. Without proper protection and maintenance, the years of exposure, elements, intense heat and freezing conditions can seriously compromise the integrity of your roof. As your roof expands and contracts under these conditions, screws may loosen, pull at seams and cause cracks to form.

Rust and corrosion

Unlike classic cars, modern metal roofs are rust-resistant; however, it pays to be mindful and proactive. Corrosion impacts your building energy efficiency and if untreated, will lead to drips and leakage.

Interior Drips

Speaking of puddles, while there’s no need to get your ladder out for this one, temperature extremes — particularly winter’s chill — can cause moisture build-up on poorly insulated metal. This condensation may cause interior drips which can exacerbate any existing rust and corrosion issue your roof may have.

Ice Buildup

As any business owner with a metal roof can attest, ice buildup in gutters can be a major issue; gutter integrity is critical for commercial roofing systems.

With billions of square feet of industrial metal roofing installed on commercial buildings throughout the United States, you’re not alone in fighting the battle against the elements. While there are a number of options for maintenance and repair including full roof replacement, spray-on foam, and sealing and coating, these options run the gamut from ineffective to temporary, aesthetically displeasing patches, to prohibitively expensive.

The Smart Fix: Duro-Shield Roofing System from Duro-Last

This cost-effective solution isn’t a short-term fix, it’s a whole new skin. The Duro-Shield roofing system is a lasting, long-term solution. The prefabricated, single-ply membrane can outlast extreme temperatures and protects your commercial roof from rain, drips, ice buildup, rust, and corrosion. It’s energy-efficient and holds steady against the wind, fire, and chemical threats. The custom-built commercial roofing system is designed to fit your building, eliminating waste and unnecessary cost.

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