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Quality Commercial Roofing Products

Building owners, engineers, property developers, roofing professionals, and facilities owners agree: selecting the right roof for your commercial building or project is a tremendously important decision. A top quality roof with an industry-leading warranty will protect your building — and its contents — for decades. Industrialand commercial roofing isn’t the place for shortcuts or “cheap and dirty” fixes. A well-chosen and expertly installed roofing system will protect not only the investments inside your building but will prevent headaches and budget aches caused by costly repairs and premature tear-offs and replacements. For commercial enterprises, finding the right roofing company comes down to the quality of products and services provided. Whether it’s installing a new roof or repairing a damaged roof, the type of products used by roofing experts makes all the difference to your pocket.

Fortunately, the range of commercial roofing options is broader and better than ever.

CertainTeed Roofing Materials

CertainTeed has been offering a line of quality products for over 100 years. If variety of color is your main concern, Certainteed offers a wide selection of colors to choose from for commercial roofing needs, such as re-roofing installations. Customers interested in installing new shingles will have the opportunity to choose between 17 different color options, while also serving to be Energy Star approved.
In addition, as certified ShingleMaster (SM) contractors through CertainTeed, the focus lies upon superior workmanship and customer satisfaction. An SM contractor can offer you SureStart PLUS extended warranty coverage when an Integrity Roof System is installed on your business.

CertainTeed stands out above other manufacturers with excellent customer service and product offerings. Customers can remain assured that they will be receiving a quality product at an outstanding price.

Duro-Last Roofing Systems

There are many products on the market used for flat roof repair or restoration. A highly recommended and top quality product, the Duro-Last prefabricated single-ply roofing system is ideal for commercial flat or low-sloped applications. Duro-Last membranes are prefabricated in sizes up to 2,500 square feet, which greatly reduces the amount of seaming required during installation. As a result, cost savings for building owners and management is significantly reduced.  

In addition, Duro-Last is extremely durable and easy to install with little disruption. Maintenance of a Duro-Last system is minimal, it’s virtually leak-proof and resistant to high winds.

The Duro-Last system comes with an outstanding 15-year transferable warranty, and extended warranties are available. These warranties are handy to have and are one of the industry’s best warranties. Take, for example, a flat roof that has problems with ponding water, many manufacturers will not provide coverage for membrane damage from this situation. However, Duro-Last is designed to handle standing water, and provisions against damage are included within the attached warranty.

Exceptional Metals

EXCEPTIONAL Metals offers outstanding metal products to be used in conjunction with their commercial or industrial single-ply roofing systems. Consider some of the benefits to single-ply roofing systems with metal detailing: they are low maintenance, energy-efficient, and extremely durable. Exceptional Metal roofing products are also functional and attractive, which can help clients achieve the proper design they have in mind, down to the smallest detail.

Additionally, Exceptional Metals offer a wide selection of colors and designs to choose from that offer customer enhanced energy-saving benefits which contribute to lower utility costs brought on by heating and cooling systems. Exceptional Metals is one of the best in the industry and will help meet an owner’s many aesthetic and functional needs.

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