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Residential And Commercial Roof Warranties

The majority of roofing projects are classified as residential or commercial. Residential projects may include homes and or buildings that are owner occupied as a single family personal dwelling. Commercial projects cover most other buildings that can include retail centers, factories, schools, multi-family dwellings, government buildings, malls, warehouses, and places of business.

Residential and Commpercial Projects

Both of these projects can encompass the same installation techniques and materials, but warranty coverage is usually quite different.

Most manufacturer residential warranties only cover the materials used. The residential labor warranty may be separate and only be available from the installer. Also the duration of residential warranties can be much shorter than a commercial roof warranty.

In comparison commercial roof warranties can vary from material only coverage to material and labor coverage. Durations of comprehensive material and labor warranties range from 10 years to 30 years. Other coverage from the most comprehensive commercial warranty may include NDL(No Dollar Limit), and consequential damages.

A true NDL commercial material and labor manufacturer’s warranty will cover the cost of repairs and/or replacement at the time work is performed; not a pro-rated amount based on the price when the roof was originally installed or a depreciated value.

The most commercial warranties not only include material, labor, and NDL, but also may include coverage for consequential damage. Consequential damages are when interior damage of the building occurs due to a leak when the roof system fails within terms of the warranty.

JBK is a commercial roofing contractor. We have been assisting clients by providing commercial roof systems and related warranties for over 15 years. Determining which commercial roofing system and warranty best fits your roof project is an important decision.

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