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What Is The Importance Of Commercial Roof Cleaning?

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Everyone knows that roof maintenance — especially commercial preventative roof maintenance — is important to the longevity your roof and to your building’s overall structural integrity. Your building’s roof is the first line of defense against natural elements like wind, rain, hail, snow, sleet, and extreme heat. Given the daily stress and exposure that a roof endures, do it (and the building it protects) a favor by making sure that your commercial roof is inspected frequently, well-maintained, and cleaned regularly. Need a good reason to have your flat roof professionally cleaned? Read on, we’ve got 8 of them.


1: Improves Performance

To get the most out of your commercial roof, both in terms of energy efficiency and achieving maximum useful roof life, it’s important to have a clean roof. A clean roof will maintain a lower surface temperature which not only prolongs the life of the roof membrane itself, but it also helps to reduce energy consumption. A white roof reflects heat more effectively which reduces the need for cooling. As an added benefit, a clean commercial roof assists rooftop HVAC systems by lowering the roof temperature and allowing the cooling units to draw in cooler air, which in turn requires less energy to achieve the same level of interior comfort.

2: Eliminates Moisture

Moisture is a roof’s number one enemy. Keeping your roof clean and free from debris, fallen leaves, or other materials that may hold water will prevent your flat roof from ponding, blistering, or splitting and will keep your metal roof from rusting. It probably goes without saying that ponding, blistering, splitting, and rust can all lead to dreaded leaks!

3: Minimizes Fire Hazards

In regions where wildfires are a concern or buildings in which combustibles materials are used or manufactured, a clean roof can help eliminate potential fuel sources.

4: Exposes Roof Damage Before it Devastates

Keeping a clean commercial roof helps prevent roof issues from becoming massive roof problems. In other words, a well-maintained and clean roof makes it easier for facility maintenance teams to identify potential roofing hotspots and areas for minor repairs before they become replacement-worthy crises. Not only that, but if you hire a roofing professional to clean your roof, they’ll keep a close eye out for possible problem areas like nearly-invisible punctures or hail damage that your team might otherwise miss. Even the smallest leak can have devastating consequences. Remember, repair is always better than replace!

5: Protects the Health of Your Employees

Mold and algae aren’t only unsightly, but they may be dangerous to the health of your employees. When drawn in through your HVAC systems, mold and algae can seriously affect the internal air quality of your building. Of particular concern for buildings in the southeast is the spread of black algae, which can damage your roof’s integrity and the reputation of your business. Once algae has taken hold of your roof, it won’t let go until you bring in the reinforcements. A professional cleaning not only removes the mold and algae, but it also inhibits future growth.

6: Keep it up to Code

If you happen to be operating a food processing plant or in a food-related industry, you may be required to maintain certain standards. A professional commercial roof cleaning will make sure you stay on top of things.

7: It Gets Easier Every Time

Blasting years of pollution, dirt, grime, residue, mold, and algae off a roof isn’t for the faint of heart. Fortunately, if your roof is professionally cleaned and sealed, it makes it harder for filth to accumulate and easier to clean in the future.

8: A Clean Roof Looks Great

Make a great first impression with a great looking roof. Show your customers that you care about your business as much as you care about them.

To schedule preventative maintenance for your commercial roof or to have your flat roof or metal roof professionally cleaned and inspected, contact JBK Roofing today.