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Winter Storms Cause Snow And Ice Roof Damage In Kyv

All over the news media, we heard report after report of roof damage and even roof collapse. Given the deep snow, sleet, and subfreezing temperatures many roof owners were caught off guard. If roofs were proactively maintained, business owners in Louisville, KY may have avoided the roof disasters highlighted by the news media.

Please note the words “may have.” When precipitation falls and accumulates rapidly while temperature drops and stays well below freezing, the result can go beyond the roof’s design capabilities. Both structural and drainage capabilities can quickly become overwhelmed…..especially for low slope roofs or flat roofs. Essentially the roof is at the mercy of mother nature.


More often than not though, preventative maintenance can prove beneficial in stopping ice dams and other roof drainage issues. Depending on how your roof is constructed along with its designed drainage, a regular roof maintenance schedule can not only advert disaster but also lengthen the life cycle of a roof. Consequently, while performing regular roof maintenance you can also find areas in need of roof repair before the damaged area leaks into the building.


Metal roofing, rubber roofing, TPO membranes, PVC membranes, etc…….regardless of the roof type; ALL types of roofing can benefit from regularly scheduled and post severe weather roof maintenance. An absolute maintenance necessity for all roofs should include clearing debris, collected soil, and vegetation from roof drainage systems such as thru wall scuppers, conductor heads, gutters, roof drains and downspouts.


Roof drainage systems are designed to allow unobstructed planned drainage of water from the roof area and away from the building. When water collects and cannot find the intended path of drainage, it will collect on the roof or back up in the drainage system.


Standing water for prolonged periods of time, can find other ways of exiting the roof under the influence of gravity. Most likely if water is not exiting thru the roof’s designed drainage system, the means of exit will most likely be destructive. Just as reported in the news this past winter, examples of destructive drainage are catastrophic roof leaks, roof collapse and gutters ripped from the building.


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