Spring Roofing Trends: Commercial Metal Roofs

A big trend this spring is metal roofing. The U.S. real estate market is still experiencing an upswing. Property owners are making improvements to increase resale value. Because most people are more tempted to buy and sell commercial properties in the spring and summer, it’s at this time of year people start making additions and upgrades to their property.

Commercial Roofing Trends Spring 2019

Hiring a qualified re-roofing contractor is on everyone’s list of priorities. According to the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA), the biggest issue is locating the contractor. “Not only are we seeing greater demand in general, but we’re also coming off a tough winter which leads to the need for more qualified re-roofing contractors,” said MRA’s Executive Director Renee Ramey. Metal roofs are taking front and center due to their strength and longevity. Do Know Whether You Have a Flat or Sloped Metal Roof

Why Metal Roofs are Growing in Popularity


Everyone is doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint. The good news is metal roofs are made from recycled materials. Five years ago, metal averaged around nine percent of material waste generated during construction. Out of that 24 million tons, around eight million was recycled. We’re expecting these numbers to get better. When you invest in a metal roof for your commercial property you are contributing to improving these numbers.

Metal roofs can go one step further when you talk about durability. Because of their strength, you don’t need to worry about parts tearing off during harsh weather and tossing these pieces into a landfill. Some contractors provide an option of giving you a system that is Energy Star certified. You’ll get a strong roof that reduces your monthly energy costs.

Best Value

As a commercial property owner, you pay close attention to expenses. Wanting to invest in a new roof that will give you a return starts and stops with a metal roof. Most systems last upwards of 40 years. Chances are that your roof will outlast your ownership of the property. Other roofing materials are notoriously inexpensive to install but require regular maintenance spending. The strength of the metal roof provides a performance experience unlike other building materials on the market.

More Choices

Metal comes in about every size, shape, and color. If you want something specific for your property, it can be achieved with a metal roof. Long sheets are available and offer quick, easy installation. Invest in different colors to get the most regarding energy efficiency. Want your metal roof to resemble shingles? Products exist on the market that looks identical to traditional shingles but with the durability of metal. Commercial property roofs can have unique angles, shapes, and corners that work well with metal because it can be cut into any shape.

Hiring a Qualified Metal Roof Contractor

Hire Someone Qualified in Metal Roof Installation

Fitting your commercial property with a metal roof takes skill. Because of the demand for the material you don’t want to settle for anyone who will agree to install it. Find a company like JBK Roofing who has decades of experience installing commercial metal roofs.

Ask for Reviews or a Referral

A reputable company is involved. When you start looking for a qualified lead, you might come across a couple of different names which is a good sign. That means they are involved enough in the community to be used time and again to complete projects. Look for a company that invests time in achieving accreditation with places like the Better Business Bureau and Kentucky Roofing Contractors Association. Establishments like these require contractors to participate in continuing education and an exceptional demonstration of skill.

Do Your Research

Once you get your contractor to your property, ask them for recommendations on the products you should use. You’ve already committed time confirming the roofing contractor is the right fit for you now you need to do the same thing for the system. Ask them to write down the information and do your own research. Have questions? Give your contractor a call. They should understand the investment costs of putting in a new roof and be willing to answer your questions. “Invest some time and effort upfront before your re-roofing project begins, and it will pay off,” says Ramey.

Get Thorough

You’re already spending time on a re-roof project which creates the perfect opportunity to have the roof inspected for other maintenance opportunities. We’re talking flashings and pipe boots for a rooftop apparatus that can be replaced without having to pay twice for labor. Pro tip: have your ventilation checked. We’ve talked about it before, but issues with ventilation present themselves in higher utility bills and potential structural damage. Contractors should have the tools and resources to complete this for you.

Your Commercial Metal Roofing Contractor

At JBK Roofing, we got our start in the industry helping commercial property owners install metal roofs. We heard a need for high-quality service and craftsmanship, so we decided to answer these demands with the development of JBK. We specialize in commercial and industrial water shed roofing systems. Contact us to learn more.

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