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Duro-Fleece Plus® Membrane Contractor

Using the Duro-Last formulation with a thicker fleece and higher density scrim, Duro-Fleece Plus is a premium fleece membrane product. Once adhered or mechanically fastened, Duro-Fleece Plus is smooth on the surface and aesthetically pleasing. As a Duro-Fleece Plus® Membrane Contractor, JBK, Inc. Roofing has the ability to install this premium membrane product throughout the Kentucky and Tennessee area as well as provide roofing services

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Product Features

  • Availability

    Available in roll goods only.

  • Thickness

    50 or 60 mil thickness.

  • Accessories

    A  complete line of custom prefabricated accessories is available for the Duro-Fleece Plus membrane.

  • Attachment

    Can be mechanically attached or adhered.

  • Welding Application

    Each roll of membrane has one 3-inch selvage edge, without fleece, to enable rooftop hot-air welding to the adjacent membrane roll.

  • Colors

    Available in white only.

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