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Metal Retrofit Roofing

Metal roofs have become the choice steep slope roofing system for many commercial facilities. There are two distinct categories of metal roofs, exposed and concealed fastener systems. Either category can be candidates for retrofit.

Metal Retrofit Roofing systems include both single ply membranes and metal panels. Budget and design criteria will determine which retrofit system is best suited for your metal roof project. We can present options for your review to help in making your decision.

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Metal Retrofit

As a metal roofing contractor, JBK Roofing offers two types of metal roof retrofit options. We can either retrofit the existing metal roof with a new metal roof; or we can retrofit with a single ply membrane system. Depending on which option meets your needs, costly tear-off and business interruption may be greatly reduced resulting in significant cost savings. Here are just some of the many benefits to metal roof retrofit:

  • Longer-term Durability. Metal roofs are built to withstand fire, wind, snow, mildew, rot and insects.
  • Energy Efficient. Retrofit with a single ply highly reflective membrane and your result will be a long term energy saving roof.
  • Low Weight. Single ply and Metal retrofit systems weigh between 50 and 150 pounds per square as compared to tile that weighs 750 pounds per square; or shingles which start a 225 pounds per square.


Serving the Tennesee and Kentucky area, JBK Roofing, Inc. is highly experienced in metal roof retrofit for many industries. We have worked with clients from a variety of different industries, including:

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