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Location: Corbin, KY

“It’s a big building. It’s hard to get your mind around how big a million square feet is, but it’s 25 acres under roof!” as described by Webbed Sphere’s CEO, John Ward.

Since 2011 when Webbed Sphere opened operations in Corbin Kentucky, the facility had been plagued with roof leaks. Not only were the roof leaks an interruption to the daily business of this enormous e-commerce fulfillment and logistics company, but the intruding water was also causing damage to inventory. A new roof was needed to provide a dry facility to help sustain and grow Webbed Sphere’s thriving business.

After initial meetings in the summer of 2021, roof project options were presented and evaluated. JBK Commercial Roofing’s offering of installing a Duro-Last Roofing System was the winning combination of quality, value, and longevity. The project was awarded in January 2022 with a projected duration of 18 months.

As expected, the coordination and planning of work was a constant variable that required daily input from the Facility Manager and Tenant warehouse coordinators. Webbed Sphere’s desire to keep roof work progressing with as little delay as possible was evident by providing key information that JBK used in planning adaptive measures to increase efficiency. The successful teamwork between Webbed Sphere and JBK Roofing was evident as the project was completed in 11 months.

As a leader in energy-efficient cool roofing, Duro-Last’s roof system serendipitously provided needed temperature regulation within the 1-million square foot facility. Most importantly the goal of a leak-free roof was achieved!

Webbed Sphere’s CEO, John Ward said, “The difference in the warehouse, it's just... night and day. The temperature difference in the building is substantial”. Where the new roof was installed it is as much as 50 degrees cooler than the old roof. Mr. Ward went on to say, “It has made it a lot more comfortable inside the warehouse as far as our climate goes. Not to mention that it’s not leaking anymore!”

Duro-Last reputation as the “World’s Best Roof”, alongside the professional installation by an industry-leading commercial roofing contractor was a winning combination. Mr. Ward added, “at the end of the day when we did our analysis, they (JBK Commercial Roofing) just were the best company for the job...it was a great experience.”

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