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A quality roof protects your investment and keeps you in business. Whether your building's roof has experienced extensive damage or typical wear and tear over time, it might be time for a replacement. At JBK Roofing, Inc., we have a notable reputation for commercial roof replacement services and quality products.

Let us assist your design team during the planning stages to create and install a customized commercial & industrial flat roof design with a selection of materials for your new facility within the Kentucky and Tennessee area.

We’ll gladly communicate with owners, architects, consultants, engineers, and general contractors to assist in commercial & industrial roof replacement services. Choose us as your commercial and industrial roofing contractor.

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Signs You Need A New Roof

You likely don't spend much time up on your building's roof, so it's easy for roof damage to go unnoticed. We recommend regular inspections to spot trouble before it becomes a more serious issue. Any of these signs indicate a need for new commercial roof construction.

One sign that you need new commercial roof construction & installation comes from coming across visible damage such as cracks, curled edges, or missing shingles. Check a single-ply membrane roof for blisters or tears. Metal roofs could have holes, scratches, or missing pieces. 

Sometimes indication of roof damage doesn't appear on the roof, but rather on the interior walls. Check for stains, streaks, spotting, mold, or algae. Actual water pouring down the wall is an obvious sign you need commercial roof replacement services.

When a roof is not insulating the building properly, your costs go up. Holes and cracks in the roof let the interior air out and external air in so the heater and air conditioner must work overtime. Not only will this raise the energy bill, but it also puts strain on your HVAC equipment.

Benefits of a New Roof

Having a new roof installed does more than protect what's beneath it. Other benefits of industrial roof replacement services include:

  • Increased property value
  • Improved curb appeal
  • Lower energy bills
  • Options for modernization
  • Lower insurance premiums

Commercial Roof Replacement Services Process

Your roof replacement starts with a roof damage evaluation by a qualified professional. If we determine you need a new roof, we'll provide you with an estimate.

There are many elements and components of a new roof, and we take all of that into consideration for new commercial roof construction. This includes paying attention to the underlayment, soffit, water shield, flashing, and all other parts, in addition to the shingles, membrane, or metal roofing products we offer.

Commercial & Industrial Building Types

JBK Roofing can install a new roof to various commercial and industrial building types. With our decades of experience, we are confident we can perform roofing installation services for your building within Kentucky and Tennessee. Below are a few of the industries and building types we have installed new roofs for.

Why Choose JBK Roofing, Inc.?

We have a great deal of experience in commercial and industrial roof replacement services throughout Kentucky & Tennessee. Here are just some of the many benefits to choosing JBK, Inc:

  • Professional Installation. All JBK Roofing, Inc. installers are professionally trained and maintain the highest standards of quality on all projects.
  • Quality Products. We use the best roofing products on every install. We specialize in single-ply membrane, shingles, and metal roofing systems.
  • Competitive Pricing. We maintain low overhead and efficiency to offer you to most competitive pricing.



Your Commercial & Industrial Roofing Contractor 

JBK Roofing, Inc. is a member of the Kentucky Roofing Contractors Association. With this experience, we are a bonded and fully insured commercial & industrial roofing contractor for the Kentucky & Tennessee areas. Whether it's been a long time since your roof was installed or you've noticed damage, it may be time for a new roof.

Contact JBK Roofing, Inc., today for your commercial roof replacement services estimate.

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