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Roof Damage Evaluations

Prior to beginning a roof project, we perform a roof damage evaluation & assessment to get a better understanding of the existing condition of your roof. In the roof damage evaluation process, visual data, as well as data obtained from laboratory analysis of roof samples, may be required to help you select the best-suited roof system for your roof project. Roof damage evaluations in Kentucky & Tennessee will also help to determine if third-party contractors, engineering, architectural, specific products, or other professional services will be necessary.

No matter the type of roof project or repair, JBK Roofing, Inc. can provide a roof damage evaluation in Kentucky & Tennessee to get you started in the right direction.

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What’s Included in a Roof Damage Evaluation?

Your roof damage evaluation & assessment is the first step in determining if your roof is needed for repair, maintenance, or replacement. Some items covered in your roof damage evaluation in Kentucky & Tennessee include:

  • Standing Water Check. Locations susceptible to standing water are identified for potential problems.
  • Surface Check. The roof surface is checked for wear caused by foot traffic and inclement weather. In addition, we examine loose metal trim, membrane and rooftop unit parts.
  • Roof Substances Check. Any substances found on the roof from equipment discharge, neighboring facilities, or naturally occurring are observed. The owner is then notified for any needed analysis of these substances. Identification of these substances will assist in determining the best roof system and warranty for the building.
  • Warranty Requirement. Manufacturer’s warranty requirements for most roof products are fulfilled by having twice a year inspection.


Building Types & Industries

JBK Roofing can conduct roof damage assessments to better understand the current condition of your commercial or industrial roof within the Kentucky & Tennessee area. A few building types and industries we have evaluated for roof damage are as follows:


Your Roof Damage Evaluation Partner

At JBK Roofing, Inc., our roof damage evaluations within Kentucky & Tennessee are designed to help reduce roof expenditures by detecting problems early. We have extensive experience in roof replacement and repairs and know the most common roofing issues faced by business owners.

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