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During a roof’s life cycle, there will be circumstances that will lead to needed roof repairs in Kentucky & Tennessee. Whether due to Acts of God, renovations, third-party damage, or areas of premature breakdown of the existing roof system; roof repairs will be needed to keep the roof watertight. Most roof repairs will require an onsite inspection, which we can provide for you once technician dispatch is approved.


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What Are The Roof Repair Warning Signs?

It’s important to conduct regular roof evaluations to ensure the integrity of your roof system. Some warning sign your roof may need roof repairs include:

  • Noticeable Damage. If you have experienced inclement weather, you may see noticeable damage to your roof. This is cause for concern and may indicate roof repairs are needed.
  • Indication of Leakage. Signs of roof leakage include, but are not limited to, bubbles within roof cover, tears in roof cover, or a gap in roof flashing.
  • Excessive Wear. Sometimes roofs are simply outdated. Roofs generally last 20-30 years depending on the materials used.


Roof Repair Building Types

Roof repairs can be conducted on various building types and industries as a result of natural disasters, premature breakdowns, and more. JBK Roofing has performed roof repairs throughout the Kentucky & Tennessee areas for the following building types:


Your Roof Repair Partner

JBK Roofing, Inc. has extensive experience in roof repair in Kentucky & Tennessee. We specialize in EPDM (rubber), PVC, TPO, and many more materials for roof repairs in a variety of industries. Get your roof evaluation today to determine if your roof needs a roof repair.

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